Detectable Scoops and Scrapers

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Hard wearing polypropylene detectable scraper. Excellent for more delicate surfaces. Available in two sizes and four colours. Ergonomic design for improved operator grip and comfort.
Heavy duty stainless steel scraper with stiff blade and coloured detectable PP handle.  Available in 3 sizes and 4 colours. Designed for shifting stubborn residues.

3 sided heavy duty divider/ scraper moulded from metal and x-ray detectable material. Available in 2 colours. Well suited to portioning dough etc.

Flexible bowl scraper  'moulds' to shape of surface.  Made from detectable material. Combination of rounded and flat edge makes this scraper very versatile.
Small flexible scraper with tapered edge for removal of product from bowls etc.  Flexible design adjusts to shape of surface.  Available in 4 colours.
Food contact approved detectable scoop. Ergonomic handle for improved operator grip and reduced user wrist fatigue. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colours.