Which Pen Do You Require For Your Application?

Choosing the correct ink for your application

Only the best ink cartridge with Tungsten Carbide tips are selected to provide clean and consistent ink flow over a long writing life. The preferred option for the majority of applications, and especially ambient environments.

Providing that extra touch in positively smooth writing. Proven to perform well on difficult surfaces and at lower temperatures. Preferred option for many operators in chilled and cold store applications.

Great for writing on soiled or greasy surfaces, as well as damp or very dusty conditions. Each ink cartridge contains inert gas under pressure (sufficient to exhaust the entire cartridge), ensuring an even flow of ink to overcome challenging writing surfaces.

Choosing the best pen housing and clip for your application

Choose your pen housing

Choose your pen clip


Positive mechanism ensures stable writing even when under pressure. Large aperture and visible plunger identifies ink colour at a glance. Available with or without pocket clip.


Often referred to as ‘stick’ or ‘onepiece’. Short of total destruction, Retreeva non-retractable pens defy all attempts to separate components. Available with or without pocket clip.

Pocket Clip

The traditional ‘Achilles heel’ of detectable pens. Retreeva Global pen clips are virtually unbreakable. All Retreeva pens supplied with pocket clip have integral lanyard loop.

Lanyard loop

Large loop provided on all Retreeva pens to accommodate most lanyards with ease. Option for applications where pocket clip is prohibited.

Choose you ink colour - plunger indicates ink colour

Choosing your pen housing colour

Retreeva Global detectable pens are available in 4 distinct housing colour: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow