The Retreeva Story

The best diamonds are formed under the greatest pressure – like Retreeva pens.

For several years we worked hard to raise awareness of the need to protect product integrity through metal detection, and successfully introduced metal detectable pens to literally thousands of customers in the food and beverage industry. Initially, reliance was placed on an external manufacturer to supply product but it became increasingly difficult to reflect our commitment to first-class products due to deteriorating quality and repeated crises in supply.

By 2012 the situation had become acute so we decided to do some prospecting. By digging deep we discovered something that caught our eye and would ultimately prove to be a great discovery – not exactly diamonds but valuable never the less!

Like diamonds, we needed product integrity. Investing in our own mould tools and working with one of Europe’s top tool makers, the gems emerged in the shape of the Retreeva metal and x-ray detectable pens!

We had struck an excellent seam and pens and markers were launched worldwide under the Retreeva Global brand. The rest is history!

They say that diamonds are for ever - Retreeva detectable pens? Well not quite, but almost!