Product Integrity
Demands "No Compromise"
Protect your product from contamination by using
Retreeva Global metal and x-ray detectable pen
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Detect, Reject, Protect Protect the integrity of your supply chain
with detectable pens and markers.
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Prevention Before Detection Why preventing contaminants from entering the
production line should be your primary concern.
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Retreeva Global

Protecting your brand from foreign body contamination – manufacturers of metal and x-ray detectable pens and markers.

Possibly nowhere is product integrity more important than in food and beverage production or the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing process. Continuous improvement teams as well as technical and quality personnel are constantly looking for ways to reduce ‘foreign body’ and contamination risks.

Retreeva Global specialises in the design and manufacture of food contact approved metal and x-ray detectable utensils which provide maximum traceability. This substantially reduces the risks associated to both consumer health and your brand from unwanted contaminants entering the final product.

From pens and markers to scoops, scrapers, shovels and brushes, Retreeva Global products are available through a carefully selected global network of distributors. Companies with proven standards in customer service and industry knowledge are chosen to be Retreeva distributors, enabling us to deliver consistency in product and support worldwide.

Why choose Retreeva Global?

The Retreeva Global range is the result of hands on experience in the most demanding environments. Find out what makes Retreeva Global the metal and x-ray detectable pen of choice for many leading food and pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe

Prevention before detection

Product integrity demands no compromise. At Retreeva Global, we believe the primary concern should always be preventing potential contaminants from entering the production line. This minimises downtime and wasted product through preventative measures.

How do metal and x-ray detectable pens work?

A simplified look at how metal and x-ray detection works in food and pharmaceutical applications to improve product integrity. Reducing costs, complaints, and wastage, all whilst protecting your brand reputation and bottom line.

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